Aqeeq Agate Gemstone

Aqeeq Agate Gemstone Effects on Human Life

Agate was discovered by a Canaanite philosopher during the 3rd or 4th century BC from the riverbank, now called the river. And it is located on the island of Sicily in Italy. This stone got its name from this river. Agate is a form of stone that forms in the center of a wonderful variety of colors and texturesIs. That is why every agate stone is unique. The temperament of this stone is cold and dry. Our beloved Prophet and Hazrat Ali also used to wear agate. In ancient times, agate was considered as a talisman. It is considered to help quench thirst and protect against fever. This rock converts the sun’s ultraviolet rays into neutral rays and then transmits them to the human body. This gives energy to the body and increases the strength to fight against diseases. Agate is found in many colors and types. But most people who are interested in this stone like to wear red agate, Yemeni agate, yellow agate. This stone has a chemical formula.

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It is a stone belonging to the type of stone. This stone, which has a hardness like steel, is made of silica and flammable materials. The hardness of agate stone is 6.5 to 7. The density of this rock is 2.58 to 2.64. Often these stones are found in large pieces. Which is later cut and made usable. This rock is capable of absorbing the sun’s rays.

Who can wear agate stones:

This stone is very blessed for people with Cancer, Scorpio and Virgo. People with Aquarius can wear black agate, people with Aries can wear Yemeni agate, while those with Aquarius can wear yellow agate and take full advantage of the positive effects of this stone. This stone should always be cleaned and worn otherwise damage may occur

Where is agate stone found:

Agate deposits are found in Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Mexico, Poland, Botswana, India, Australia and the United States (Oregon, Arizona, Montana, Wyoming, South Dakota, and Michigan).

How to identify and buy real agate:

Real agate can be identified with the naked eye, it does not need to be viewed under a microscope. This color is more important than clarity. To see the true color of this stone, place it outside in the sun, but do not expose it directly to the sun. With so many types of agate available, it is confusing for many consumers to purchase it. But it gives you the knowledge that this stoneIt is confusing for consumers to purchase. But it does give you the knowledge that when you buy this stone, special care should be taken that there should not be any small cracks on it as it interferes with the frequency of the stone. Also, before you buy, be sure to show someone who knows all about this stone.

Agate effects by color:

Black Agate: Helps to bring prosperity, boost morale and bring victory to athletes,

Green agate: Increases mental and emotional flexibility. Improves decision making. Useful in resolving disputes.

Pink Agate: Affects hearts. Turns sorrow into happiness. Values ​​your personality in the eyes of others.

White striped black agate: warns of any premature ejaculation.

White Striped Blue Agate: Perfect for good dreams, psychology and insight.

White patterned agate: gives a sense of caution. Useful in handling new situations and eliminating stubbornness.

Brown Agate: Conquers conflicts. Increases intelligence.

Orange Brown Agate: Helps to overcome obstacles easily, achieve good fortune in financial matters and stabilize mood.

Mr. Dello Agate: Useful in enhancing the creativity of the brain and building an innovative mood.

Red agate: Provides peace and tranquility. Keeps away from spiders.

Sapphire patterned turquoise agate: Helps to increase friendships and make new friends.

White threaded purple agate: Helps to discuss goals.

White striped gray agate: Effective in intellectual activities.

Agate: Helps in difficult situations. Serves as a protective shield.

Wear layout:

On Friday, five metal rings should be worn on the finger of the right hand. Avoid wearing on the first or middle big finger. Remember that the weight should be five, seven, or nine.

Benefits of agate:

Agate is a religious stone that has the following benefits:

Delivers from sins and leads to purity.

Helps to improve memory and mental capacity.

Black magic protects against sudden disasters and accidents.

The agate wearer is never tight-lipped.

Removes insomnia and fear.

Anger is effective in relieving grief, irritability and depression.

Applying it in the eye with a cold relieves the pain.

Wearing large size agate causes fear in the heart of the enemy.

Wishes are fulfilled. And honor and success.

If you have a problem with your job, you must use the stone. By the grace of God Almighty, you will definitely get a good job.

Marriage is a happy life.

Consistency and stability are created.

Helps protect against parasitic diseases and toxic pests.

It is also useful in all types of stones and spleen diseases.

How to protect agate:

Dust can be easily removed from this stone. Apply any soap on the brush etc. then it starts shining again on the agate stone for a few minutes. This stone should be kept away from other precious stones and ornaments so that it is protected from scratches etc.

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