Blood Stone Gemstone in Pakistan

Blood Stone Gemstone in Pakistan

Real Blood Stone Gemstone in Pakistan

Real Blood Stone Gemstone in Pakistan



This stone is also called Shams Rukh stone in Urdu. Bloodstone is also another name. Which is a combination of two Latin words which mean sun and which means to turn to the other side. Bloodstone is also known as Sang Sitara in Urdu. Although the stone should be bloody in accordance with its name, but on the contrary, it is green in color. It has some red spots. And some rocks have yellow spots. In Arabic it is called Hajar al-Dum

Historical status:

This stone is attributed to Jesus (pbuh) and Christians believe that when Jesus (pbuh) was crucified, a stone was found under the cross with drops of his blood on it. Is. Most Christians make a cross out of this stone and wear it around their necks. In ancient times, it was also considered a magic stone.

Chemical properties:

This stone has a cold temper. The chemical properties of this rock include silica, oxygen, and tinium oxide. Its hardness ranges from 6.5 to 7. Due to its hardness, the stone is also used in various chemical experiments. The density of this stone is 1.53 to 1.55. If this stone is placed on a low heat, the green color turns gray and the dots turn black.

Physical benefits:

The use of this stone keeps the blood in moderation and protects the person from blood pressure diseases. This stone is useful in various stomach and gastrointestinal diseases. It has again proved to be an elixir in male diseases. This stone sharpens the eyesight.

Other benefits:

Placing this stone in a shop or business place reduces the risk of theft.

Stone to stone heart beloved can also be waxed with the effect of this stone.

The one who wears this stone protects himself from every epidemic and fight.

This stone removes all kinds of fear from man.

Strengthens the immune system.

Helps make the right decisions.

This stone can cause energy in the body.

If success is required in any kind of examination, then preparation for the examination should be done by wearing this stone continuously and if the Dora examination is also worn, then success will surely be achieved.

This stone has proved to be very effective in finding your beloved.

This stone is good for commercial gain.

With certainty, if this stone is worn or kept with you, then whatever desire you have in your heart will be fulfilled, God willing.

This stone enhances skills and leads to honing skills.

Creates lasting friendships. And brings the loved one closer.

Makes the brain clear. And it can help you to have a better career.

What colors of blood stone are found in:

The colors in which these stones are found in the world. They are green, red, brown, and celtic. Found in green, the stone will also have red rhododendrons. The color of this stone is green due to the presence of

Who can wear these stones:

The star of this rock is Mars. For those gentlemen who are associated with this star, this stone can be a great blessing. For those born in the month of March, wearing this stone is a sign of good luck. People who have Aries, Scorpio and Pisces will also come back. This stone removes the ill effects of Mercury. This stone is also Saad for those whose number or date of birth is 9 according to arithmetic.

Stone deposits:

The rock also has deposits in Indonesia, India, Germany, the United States, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Brazil, Bulgaria, China and the islands of Australia and Scotland.

Identification method:

Always buy a stone from a trusted dealer or shopkeeper so that you can avoid fraud. This stone is similar to agate in nature. The difference is that its mineral form is similar to that of a kidney. Its crack is incomplete. This carving steel brown turns blood red, some white. Milky, green. If it is heated with honey, the part on which the flames of fire catch fire becomes ink. And when it gets cold, it gets stressed. In its center is a green ring. Naturally, this stone is not very clean. It cannot be seen across. Round, oval circles can be in any shape. If the real blood stone is exposed to the sun, it will not be as hot as glass. If the stone is raw milk for a weekIf I put it in the dal, it will make me shine more. If the original stone is rubbed on the floor, marble or glass, it will make a sound and will not scratch. The different combination of colors makes it unique from other stones.

Wear Tip:

This stone should be protected even though it is scale 7 because cosmetics or chemicals can leave scratches or abrasions on it. Try not to wear this stone while hitting your hands in the cement and do not use any kind of acid, chemical etc. The ring of this stone should be in your hand because one of the acids If even a drop falls on it, its color may change. Constant wear of this stone can cause dust etc. to accumulate on it due to which its original luster is lostMay be. Naturally it is a beautiful stone. Lisa must put the stone in lukewarm water and put it in the water for some time, then mix it with a cotton cloth or repeat this process over and over again. Your natural glow can return.

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