Doodhiya Opal Gemstone

Real Doodhiya Opal Gemstone for sale


Doodhiya Opal Gemstone.

Real Doodhiya Opal Gemstone for sale


Introduction and date:

The name Opel Stone is derived from three Latin, Greek and ancient Sanskrit words. The first is a Latin word, the second is a Greek word meaning change of color and the last is a Sanskrit word meaning gemstone. Taken from If anyone talks about this gem in these languages. So you will say opal which means precious stone. It is thought. The Milky Way was discovered 4,000 years ago today. The ancient Greeks considered opal to be a teardrop and considered it as precious as a diamond. He believes that Dudhya Pehar has given him the gift of ambiguity and ambiguity that will lead him to success in life, business and war.Will make sure This stone attracts everyone’s attention because of its milky white color (in which all the colors of the rainbow are reflected). The great English poet Shakespeare called her the queen of jewels. Pure milky stone white, sky blue, red, orange, pink, brown. It can also be a darker color. Colorless opal is rare while black opal is considered to be the most expensive opal in the world. Opel is called the face of Eve in ancient history. Because like the mood of Eve (woman), she also has innumerable types and colors. It is the guarantor of general health. Opel is also the national stone of Australia.


Opal stone or opal stone is a white stone like silica which is found in amorphous form. Moisture is also found in this rock. The amount of which is between 6 to 10% of the weight of any piece of this stone. And that is why this stone is one of the minerals. The rock is usually found in low-temperature rocks. The chemical composition of the milky stone is pyridation silicate dioxide.

Who can wear Milky Way:

Opel is the birth month of the stone, so people born in October can wear this stone and benefit from its properties. This stone is also a lucky stone for the people of Venus, which is a symbol of romance, love, beauty and happiness.

Where is the Milky Way found:

More than 90% of the world’s precious opal stones come from Australia. And the rest from other countries, including Mexico, Brazil, Indonesia, Slovakia, Turkey, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Ethiopia, and the United States.happens. The opal obtained from Mexico is called Mexican opal. It has more water and transparency than other opals. In 2008, NASA claimed to have discovered a rock opal on the planet Mars.

How to identify and buy real opal:

Opal Stone is available in both color and colorless form. The quality of this stone is regularly determined by the colors and patterns reflected in it. Most of the imitation milky stones are found in abundance in the market todayGo Remember that the density of imitation and counterfeit opal stones is always higher than that of real milky stones. That’s why imitation opal is so light in weight. One of the hallmarks of real opal is that if it is exposed to light, it emits rays in its own way. While this capability is not present in imitation opal. When buying a stone, be sure to check its original source. Most real opal is mined in Australia. Which is the capital of Opel’s world. Very high quality imitation opals were produced in Russia and Hong KongThere are some unscrupulous atomists who try to sell the real opal if the origin of your opal stone is not Australia. You must have it checked by a well-recognized atom. Real opals cost more than ڈالر 100, no matter how small the opal may be, while imitation opals can cost up to 20 20 or 40 40.

Milky Stone effects by color:

White opal: White opal helps brain cells to function better.

Blue opal: This stone helps to eliminate such feelings. Which leads to a loss of confidence when talking.

Water opal: This stone is considered important for spiritual connections, meditation and focus on work.

Green opal: changes the wearer’s thinking. Great for body rejuvenation. This stone also helps in promoting spirituality.

Black opal: This opal is not completely black but is found in a much darker color than white opal. Due to its deep color, other colors are more visible on it. This stone evokes creative imagination and mental abilities. Strengthens emotions. Beneficial for reproductive organs and helps in controlling depression.

Orange Opel: This colored opal stone brings justice. Positive thinking about life.

Redfire Opel: Because red is rarely seen in opal. Therefore, it is very valuable. This stone is capable of absorbing all the negative and positive forces automatically. It clears the mind. Relieves mental confusion, anxiety, depression and calms the nerves. Unites monotheistic and other spiritual forces.

Pink opal: This stone is considered a symbol of peace and tranquility. Its energy bait is more popular because it heals the emotions of any person’s life. It has also been shown to be very effective in relieving past memories and gaining the sympathy of others. This stone is also called the stone of hope.

How to protect opal stone:

To clean the milk, take a soft brush or muslin cloth and soak the brush or cloth lightly in soapy warm water and rub gently on the stone. By dipping or soaking the stone in water, with bleach camel and cleanserAvoid cleaning. Don’t even use ultrasonic clays on this stone. Because this rock can have cracks. And the stone may be lost. If after a few years of use, the stone has lost its luster or small scratches appear on the surface. Take it to the jeweler and polisher. Oh, it will make your stone shine like before. If you want to keep the opal stone safe for a long time, wrap it in cotton wool with a few drops of water and then wrap it in a plastic bag.

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