Feroza Turquoise Gemstone For Sale

Feroza Turquoise Gemstone For Sale

Feroza Turquoise Gemstone for sale



Turquoise is a non-transparent, greenish, blue oily shiny stone. Which is one of the oldest rocks in the world. The stone is called turquoise because it is mostly found in blue. The stone originated in Turkey, so it is derived from the word. This stone is usually found in three colors. These include turquoise (highest) vegetable (Husseini) and blue (Razzaqi). Husseini stone is more precious than Razzaqi turquoise. In addition to these, it is also found in more colors. Wearing turquoise gives peace of mind. Awar does not suffer from intolerance. Real turquoise always changes color because of iron and copper. It sometimes turns light and sometimes dark.


The stone has a cold and dry texture and contains hydrate, phosphate, copper, iron and aluminum. It is a very precious and rare stone and its hardness increases. The hardness of this stone is 5 to 6. The density of this rock is 2.60 to 2.90.

Who can wear turquoise stones:

The turquoise rock represents the planet Jupiter. Its ruling star is Sagittarius while its birth month is December. So people born in December can wear it. People with Taurus and Virgo can also wear this stone.

Where Turquoise Stones Are Found:

First, the turquoise stone was extracted from the Mashhad area of ​​Khorasan province of Iran, then it was taken to Scooter and cleaned and made into beautiful ornaments. The best kind of turquoise comes from Iran. In addition, turquoise stones have been mined in the Sinai region of Egypt since 3000 BC. Discovered from California, Colorado and Santa in the United States. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person. High quality turquoise stones are coming out from different cities of Chahna. It is also found in Australia, Afghanistan, India, Nepal, Palestine, Pakistan, Tibet, Germany and Turkestan.

How to identify and buy real turquoise:

Turquoise is the only stone that is now being made available in every jewelery market due to the increasing demand for jewelery. But it is also important to distinguish between original and replica. The hallmark of real turquoise is that if it is heated by you, its water dries out and turns black, and no acid affects it, but its color does. The water and sparkle of real turquoise is unique. The color of pure turquoise remains constant. Imitation turquoise, on the other hand, loses its luster over time. If you look closely at the turquoise root, you will notice that there is a luster in it and there is something molten.Let’s say it’s an imitation stone. Rub the bottom of the turquoise to check it immediately. You will know the difference between the original and the copy. Only buy this stone from your trusted dealers to be safe from any fraud.

Turquoise effects by color:

Blue turquoise: This is a solid stone that expands the mind. Delivers past and present drivers and fears. Removes the sadness of life. Stimulates creativity. And it helps protect the immune system.

Green turquoise: It is a protective stone that strengthens the mood. It brings relief and peace. Serves as a shield for emotions. It also keeps the heart healthy.

Purple Turquoise: Helps in spiritual healing. Provides peace of mind. Prevents accidents. Encourages good deeds.

Yellow turquoise: Turns the hardness of the heart into softness. It will be helpful for these people too. Those who say they will no longer love. Promotes empathy. Restores trust in friendships and other relationships. Helps children learn how to raise and acquire skills.

Wear Tip:

This stone should be made in a silver ring between Friday afternoon and west and worn on the little finger of the right hand. Women can also wear this stone by making a green bracelet. Be sure to remove this stone when going to the toilet, etc., otherwise its effects may disappear. Men and women whose factor is blood pressureIf they are sick, they should not wear turquoise stones, otherwise they will continue to fight and quarrel in anger all the time. If they really want to wear these stones, then they should not wear agate stones with it, because agate stones will provide peace by eliminating the quarrelsome effects of turquoise.

Benefits of turquoise:

Poverty and destitution do not come to the one who keeps the turquoise stone or wears it on his finger. He remains prosperous.

Helps to protect against evil eye.

If every stone is made and worn around the neck, it strengthens our heart and protects us from various diseases.

Research has shown that by keeping this stone with oneself, one stays away from fear and danger and also overcomes enemies.

It screams before any trouble or accident. And he takes care of the trouble of his wearer and protects his bearer.

If the stone is kept in any way, Tawansan always wins.

Wearing turquoise stone protects a person from being bitten by poisonous substances.

This stone is also used to enhance memory. Therefore, this stone has proved to be very helpful for the students to memorize their lessons.

This stone has also proved to be helpful in preventing all kinds of accidents and water deaths.

How to protect turquoise stone:

This stone is very precious and special care should be taken for its safety and cleanliness. In order to maintain the attractiveness and luster of this stone, it is necessary to soak it in skim milk as bad milk contains acid. Therefore, it absorbs the dirt, etc., and retains the light and radiance of the stone.


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