Heera Diamond Gemstone for Sale in Pakistan

Heera Diamond Gemstone for Sale In Pakistan

Heera Diamond Gemstone for sale in pakistan

Heera Diamond Gemstone for sale in pakistan


Introduction and date:

It is called diamond in Urdu and diamond in Arabic. No introduction required. It is the most expensive, beautiful and most precious stone in the world. Derived from the Greek word natural. Which means real, unchangeable and strong, pure thing. Diamondstone is called the king of all stones. Diamond deposits were found many centuries ago in India near the Krishna, Panar and Godarri rivers. is called. That this stone has been used in religious pottery and engraving tools in India for about 6000 years. Due to modern diamond cutting and polishing techniques, the demand for diamonds has been increasing since the 19th century. Usually thisThe stone is found in colorless, brown, pink and sky blue. Also available in White, Maltese and Red. The pink diamond is the most precious and rare stone. Diamond is produced naturally at extreme temperatures and pressures 100 miles below the surface of the earth. And because of the volcano, it comes close to the surface of the earth. Ancient India used this stone to make religious statues whereas today this precious stone is being used for making and adornment.


This flammable rock is the hardest natural material of carbon. The extreme temperature melts at 4090 or 732 only because it is very durable. The hardness of diamond is 10 and the density is 3.5 to 3.53 grams per cubic centimeter. It can be 58 times harder than any of the natural minerals. Diamond is the only stone that is made from just one acorn corn (99.59). So it has a chemical formula. The crystal structure of a diamond is isometric. Graphite is also made of carbon only. But its composition and crystal structure are very different. Graphite is so soft that you can write with it while diamond is so hard that you can only rub it with another diamond.

What is Koh Noor Diamond:

Currently, the most expensive and rare diamond in the world is Koh-i-Noor, which is currently owned by the Queen of Great Britain. According to a conservative estimate, the value of this diamond is Rs 10 billion. This diamond was the property of the Muslims before the war of independence and then later the British took it with them to Britain.

Who can wear diamonds:

Diamond Stone represents the star Venus. The birth month of this stone is April. So people born in April can wear it. This stone has a very positive effect on the people of Aries. In addition, it is also considered blessed for those who have the constellation Asad and the scales of Libra.

Where is the diamond found?

About 49% of the world’s diamonds are mined in Central and South Africa. There are also diamond deposits in Canada, India, Russia, Brazil and Australia. At the same time, there are diamond deposits in some US states. Evidence of large diamond deposits has been found on Margalla Hill in Islamabad, Pakistan.

How to identify and buy real diamonds:

In addition to jewelry, diamonds are also used in astrology. Many people are advised to wear diamond stones to get the benefits of astrology. For the purpose of astrology, we are going to show you how to identify and buy the original stone. Consider Real diamond if placed in hot waterThe storm will cool down. And if you put the stone in molten ghee or butter, the ghee or butter will freeze. Even at room temperature, it glows like a fire in the dark. If a ray of light is passed, it will come out in the form of a ray and will not spread. If the original diamond is touched by hand, the surface is smooth. And no rough lines or joints are felt. The original diamond cannot be broken easily, it can only be cut with a diamond stone. Upon closer inspection of this stone in the light, you will see a very small black spot due to the carbon deposits. And they are found in all diamond stones. Never buy a diamond that is faded, thrown inwardsFade from. If there are any cracks, red or more black spots in the stone, never buy it as wearing it can have negative effects. You can send the stone to a jewelry lab for identification, and from there you can also get the original certificate of the stone. Whenever you plan to buy a rare stone. Always receive it with a receipt from a recognized dealer and keep this receipt safe

Diamond effects by color:

The royal people or rulers should wear pink diamonds. Ordinary people should wear diamonds of other colors depending on their status in the society otherwise there may be negative effects.

Teachers, scientists and priests should wear white (colorless) diamonds as white ignites their mental faculties and thinking.

Traders, bankers and farmers should wear yellow diamonds as it enhances their ability to make accurate decisions on accounting problems.

The blue and black diamond is reserved for servants, laborers and hard workers because this diamond increases their physical strength.

Wear Tip:

Diamonds need to be worn with great care. Because there is a risk of damage if you wear it on your finger at the wrong time. So it would be better if you first consult an astrologer (who knows astrology) how many carats of diamond you can wear. These stones would be attached to a gold ring before sunrise on Friday and worn on the ring finger. You can also wear it around the neck. Diamond is a powerful stone so it would be appropriate to wear it under your pillow for three days before you wear it.

Advantages of diamonds:

It brings positive changes in mood.

It is a very powerful stone and gives quick results.

It brings good luck, success, fame and prosperity.

Wearing this stone brings virtue and happiness.

The wearer of energy, determination and passion to achieve something is sure to get it.

Creates complete mental, physical and spiritual harmony. Increases sexual potency and also helps in eliminating sexually transmitted diseases.

Its use is also beneficial in skin diseases and insomnia.

Diamond stones have both negative and positive waves

Wealth grows in wealth.

Produces sex hormones. And it helps control diabetes.

Diamond is now also used in ultraviolet rays as an eye treatment.

How to protect a diamond:

Diamond is a very rare and rare stone. In today’s world, no diamond is second to none. Its safety should also be taken care of so that its luster retains its luster. The most useful and easy way to maintain the luster of diamond stone is to take a small saber and dip it in surf water and rub it on the diamond and if the ring etc.If I am attached, rub this brush on this ring too, the diamond will look very transparent. Remember that a diamond attracts grease. And if it gets greasy, it doesn’t come off easily. So keep it moistened with grease and oil.

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