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Moonstone Gemstone  Effects on Human Life

Moonstone Gemstone for sale in pakistan

Moonstone Gemstone for sale in pakistan



The Moon is called the Stone in English. In Greek it is called aproline, while in Romans it is called lunaris. The meaning of the Stone of the Moon is hidden in its energy. That is, a pleasant, sensitive gentle person who knows. How to keep the wearer happy. The color of this stone is blue or white. Its shape is like frozen water. And its luster is like fine silver. There are various traditions about the moon. One tradition is that it shows a silver face. According to a sage, there is a picture of the moon in the moonIt increases and decreases with increasing and decreasing. If the moon is female, it will be oval in shape and white in color. If it is masculine, the outer color will be reddish. That is the best type of Stone of the Moon. Which is not found in Asia or the eagle. For this reason, it is also called the eagle’s stone.


This stone belonging to Jalspar group is sodium potassium aluminum silicate. The hardness of the rock is 6.0-6.5. The specific gravity is 2.61, the density is 2.57-2.77.

Who can wear the Stone Age:

It is a birthmark of people born in the month of June and it also affects people with Sagittarius and Cancer.

The Stone of the Moon is found:

Sri Lanka and India are major traders of the Stone Age. But the stone is also found in the United States, Brazil, Madagascar, Myanmar (Burma), Tanzania and Australia. Astrologically, the Moonstone obtained from Sri Lanka has the best effect on the wearer’s personality. Because it is a semi-precious stone and is found in large quantities.So it’s not too expensive. The rarest and most expensive moonshine will be colorless, with a blue tinge to the surface of the rock.

Identification of the real moon:

Moonstone has a unique and clear quality, it is reflected in its luster and milky transparent which in some directions reflects a blue, milky light in the moonlight. The Lunar Stone is always cut (in the shape of a half ball) or in a plane. Never cut from the sides. All types of this stone have a beautiful glow of light. Sometimes it even looks like garlic. Reddish and

The brown rock looks like red agate (crystal). But agate lacks the effects of red.

Lunar wear setting:

Wear the moonstone with a silver ring, avoid gold or badge metal, etc. Right-handed people wear this stone on the smallest finger of their right hand on Monday morning and left-handed people wear this stone on the smallest finger of their left hand on Monday.

Sehri properties of the Moon:

This stone is good for stimulating the pineal gland and the secretion of hormones.

Due to the calming effects of the moon, this stone also helps to relax the mind. Negativity is eliminated or reduced by the thinking of the people who wear it.

It removes all the negative effects of the planet.

Stimulates creativity and enhances insight.

This stone is very useful for travelers as it provides protection against unknown incidents that may occur during the journey.

For centuries, this stone has been considered a lucky stone.

Enhances enlightenment, psychological, and expressive abilities.

Increases mutual love between spouses, friends and relatives.

Balances blood circulation in women.

This stone is ideal for medical practitioners, technocrats and healthcare professionals as it promotes positive and caring attitudes in people who wear it.

The Moon is also a stone related to magic and love. It is possible to achieve true love in life by using this stone.

Business success is achieved. Transactions with customers become easier.

In women, the system helps against circulatory diseases.

Considered extremely useful for music and writers.

Balances emotionality. And meditates spiritually.

The spleen (pancreas) helps to cure gastrointestinal and liver related diseases. Improves digestion and hormonal growth. It also helps the digestive system remove toxins from the blood.

Protecting the Stone:

It is important to take proper care of this stone otherwise its luster and benefits may be affected. The clearer the stone, the better. This stone should be cleaned very gently and with a soft cloth, protected from direct sunlight and heat. The best way to recharge this stone is to take it directly to the light of the new moon of the fourteenth moon. This will increase its energy and bring better results.



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