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Neelam Sapphire Gemstone For sale

Real Neelam Sapphire Gemstone

Real Neelam Sapphire Gemstone for sale


Sapphire is derived from a Greek word. Which means power. In Urdu it is called Neelam, in Sanskrit it is called Indranil and in Arabic it is called Farsi or Qutb Arzq. That is why it is called Neelam in Urdu. Because it is more available in blue. Sapphire is a type of mineral of aluminum acid. It is mainly found in two colors, blue and yellow. It is also available in other colors except red. The most desired color is pure blue. Some blue and gray sapphires give a hint of reddish or violet red in artificial lightAre Ancient books show. There are five types of sapphires called parshuvort (golden silver and crystalline rays) Ranj Keto (placing a vessel in a blue color) Sang Dutt (very shiny) Gurto (in size) Small and heavy in weight) and vernacular (gives blue rays in front of the sergeant). This stone is usually polished and used in jewelry.


Sapphire is cold, dry and has a dull taste. Sapphire stone is the third type of aluminum acid. The first type of stone is the water-lined stone. It is the third hardest stone after diamond and stone. While the diamond is 10. Due to its hardness, this stone is also used in scientific instruments. Sapphire is a chemical formula. The density of this rock is 3.9 to 4.1. The melting point of this rock is 2,230 to 2,250.

Who can wear sapphires?

The sapphire star is Saturn Kang, and the Saturn star is associated with hardworking people. The star Saturn does not guide you to success unless you work hard. For those who know how to work hard, this stone has a very positive effect. According to astrology, it proves to be very good for people with Taurus and Jupiter. It is also a blessed stone for Libra and Libra.

Where sapphires are found:

Abundant deposits of sapphires have been discovered in the US state of Washington. In addition, these precious stones are found in Afghanistan, Australia, Burma, Cambodia, China, India, Kenya, Nepal, Nigeria, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Vietnam. ۔

Who can identify and buy real sapphires:

There are hundreds of artificially created sapphires in the market today. Lisa must identify him. Jewelry experts say that a sapphire that has a purple color will definitely have a silk defect. If the color is greenish, it will definitely have a milky hue. The easiest way to recognize a sapphire is to grab an object and put it in clear and transparent water. Its colored and colorless parts will be noticeable. If the color of sapphire is the same then the color of water will also look the same. Natural sapphires have clear signs of slowing down and stylization. Some external elements are preserved in this stone. Due to which in their identityIt’s easy. If you do not see these elements, then understand that it is a piece of glass and nothing more. Avoid buying a sapphire that has some friction or scratches on it. Scratches on a real sapphire can hardly be seen because it is a hard stone like a diamond stone. If you are interested in buying sapphires, it would be better to buy them after thorough examination. You can buy this stone from a place where you can prove its authenticity and this certificate can only be provided to you by an accredited dealer.

Sapphire stone effects by color:

Yellow sapphire: This sapphire is found in yellow to slightly brown color. This stone brings wealth, fortune and prosperity. Helps achieve goals. Always makes the wearer successful. Relationships are also considered to be a source of improvement and strength. Relieves sore throat, obesity, diabetes and pneumonia.

White sapphire: Sapphire has pure energy. It helps a lot in opening the door of your destiny. It burns your consciousness and spiritual awareness. Serves as a shield in trouble.

Purple Sapphire: This purple sapphire is helping to meditate. Stimulates your spirituality. Strengthens your mood by calming your emotions. Helps to overcome obstacles in life easily.

Pink Sapphire: This sapphire is found in real pink to purple pink. Pink neem is one of these crystals. Which heals in unconditional love. And it has a very calming effect on the mind, physically and spiritually. It is a healing stone to relieve the emotional pain of the present and the past.

Green Sapphire: This sapphire is found in yellowish green to blackish color. Green sapphire improves your vision. Removes cataracts in the eyes. Reduces stress. Corrects near vision, far vision. And it helps in curing other eye diseases. This sapphire attracts the attention of loyal and honest friends. It also assures that your spouse will be honest with you in every action.

Salon or Sapphire: This sapphire will help eliminate negative energy from your star. This stone also helps you to be aware of the responsibilities of your thoughts, feelings and actions and to reduce the risk of mental illness.

Black sapphire: This semi is not completely black but has a slight blue tinge to it. That is, its color is watery black. Meditation helps you get the job you want, succeed in the interview, and improve your communication skills. This stone not only helps you to understand the purpose of life. It also plays an important role in achieving the purpose of life.

Blue Neem: Blue sapphire is found in colorless to deep blue. Some sapphires are subjected to heating. So that their color may be darker but this process does not affect their healing properties. This sapphire is helpful in spiritual healing. It is also considered to bring peace of mind and happiness in life.

Wear tips:

Sapphires should weigh five, seven, nine, twelve or more. Wear it with a metal, gold or iron ring (the effect is greater when worn with a silver ring.) This stone is the ruler of Saturn, so wear it on the middle finger in the middle of Saturn hour on Saturdays. Soak in milk or honey for half an hour before wearing so that these stones can be activated. Saturn is a slow star due to which the effect of this rock is not visible for many days but sometimes this rock starts to have an effect even in 24 hours. If you wear this rockIf you have nightmares or get sick, then understand that this stone is not suitable for you. Avoid wearing broken or defective sapphires. Be careful not to wear pearls, or red or coral stones with this stone, otherwise damage may occur.

Advantages of sapphire stone:

Allah Almighty has not created anything in vain. Everything has some benefit. And to take advantage of anything, it is necessary to take measures. The sapphire stone is considered a symbol of wisdom. It has many benefits, but hard work is also a prerequisite. Otherwise the following benefits will not be obtained.

This stone is very important in shining wealth and fortune.

It calms the nerves and increases mental strength.

If one’s heart is weak and he cannot bear any major accident or news, he should wear sapphires.

This stone reduces the damage.

Sapphire never allows poverty to come.

If a work is getting worse again and again, you must wear it with sapphire stone, it will become bad work.

The use of sapphire is an elixir. Its use removes the defects of feminine days.

The client is subject to the use of this stone.

This stone enhances your kindness, honesty, loyalty, endurance, determination and confidence.

Healing a sick person, curing sore throats, migraines or any fatal disease like heart attack, mental illness, cancer, etc. is a cause of relief.

How to protect sapphires

Sapphire is one of the most expensive gems and its price starts from around Rs 7,000 per carat. Therefore, its cleanliness and protection is also important. The easiest way to clean a sapphire stone is to soak it in warm soapy or surf water for twenty to twenty five minutes and then rub it with a soft brush and clean it with a dry cotton cloth, the sapphire stone will be brand new. Keep this stone separate from other gems as it is a very hard rock and can scratch your other gems. And if you have diamonds in your jewelry, it can rub or scratch the sapphire.



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