Pukhraj Topaz Gemstone

Pukhraj Topaz Gemstone


Real Pukhraj Topaz Gemstone effects on human

Real Pukhraj Topaz Gemstone effects on human



Topaz, called topaz in Urdu, is a mixture of aluminum metal and a colorless gas fluorine. It resembles a diamond. The word is usually derived from a medieval French word. Which means shiny stone. The word is also derived from a Sanskrit word. Which means heat and fire. According to research, the first topaz rock was discovered thousands of years ago in the Red Sea. The importance of this stone can also be estimated. That this stone is also mentioned in the Bible. In the Gospels this stone is addressed by the word. Which means light. The kings of old used this stone to adorn their vinegar crowns and swords. The heaviest topaz rock is called American Golden TopazWeighing about 22,892.5 carats, it is currently in the Washington Museum. And this stone has been discovered in the area of ​​Canc کئیn in Brazil. Topaz is found in different colors. Dark golden yellow and pink topaz are more valuable. Green and blue topaz are also becoming very popular nowadays. Natural pink stones are very rare. Most colored topaz rocks are subjected to radiation and heating. So that blue topaz can be made and these topaz are available at low cost.


Topaz contains some special chemical elements such as iron, silica, alumina, fluorine and manganese. Topaz stone has a sour taste and a sour taste. The hardness of this rock is up to 8.0 scale. It is a transparent rock with a density of 3.49 to 3.57. This rock is formed by the action of volcanoes. Therefore, this stone belongs to a type of silicon. This rock is considered to be one of the hardest rocks. The chemical formula of this stone is aluminum fluorohand oxal silicate.

Who can wear topaz stones:

Topaz star is Jupiter Kong. Yellow or yellow topaz is the birth stone of people born in November while topaz is the birth stone of people born in December. So these people can also benefit from this stone. Topaz is also lucky for those who have Kalki number 5 to 6.

Where is the topaz rock found?

This transparent stone is available in most countries of the world. Brown, yellow, sherry, red, and pink topaz are found in Brazil and Sri Lanka. Pink topaz is also available in Pakistan and Russia. Yellow topaz is found in Brazil, Sri Lanka, Nigeria and China. Pink topaz weighing more than 5 carats is considered rare in Pakistan. In Brazil, more than 20 carats of topaz is considered a large rock.

How to identify and buy real topaz stone:

Topaz stones are often yellow in color. Like the color of saffron or turmeric. Placing the original topaz stone on the palm of the hand feels smooth. Slightly heavier in weight and naturally shiny. To test the real stoneSoak this stone in milk for 24 hours. Check its brightness. The real stone will retain its luster. This stone rubs against the test and becomes more shiny. If the stone has small black and white spots or if you feel a crack in the stone, do not wear such a stone at all as it can cause you problems and health problems. When buying topaz, keep in mind the carving of this stone. Always buy this stone from S dealers. Who can provide you with this stone carving and other information.

Topaz effects by color:

Blue Topaz: This cold stone helps to stimulate creativity, express one’s self and balance one’s thoughts as well as emotions while maintaining an atmosphere of peace and tranquility.

Yellow or golden topaz: Abundance of wealth, practical life as well as encourages better planning.

Green Topaz: This stone helps in turning towards better deeds by rejecting heavy thoughts like revenge on someone.

Sherry Pakraj: This stone is helpful in encouraging students and scholars to keep on seeking.

Brown Topaz: This stone helps to distinguish between good and evil. This stone is also good for these people.

They seem to be more inclined not to trust anyone than to trust anyone.

Pink Topaz: This stone encourages integrity, honesty and openness.

White transparent topaz: This stone is helpful in expanding the mind and evoking intellectual qualities.

Wear Tip:

These stones can be worn on the index finger by attaching them to a gold ring of three, five, seven and twelve weights one hour before the setting of the sun in the hour of Jupiter on Thursday. They can also be worn on the fourteenth date of the moon. Wearing in this way will bring many financial and physical benefits and success will follow in man’s footsteps.

Topaz benefits:

From an astrological point of view, those who wear topaz stones can get the following benefits.

Topaz stone is useful for mental strength and courage.

Longevity is also useful for marriage and children.

If a poisonous insect bites, rubbing the stone on the spot removes the poison.

This stone is very useful in eliminating the effect of magic.

Topaz stone creates true love and attraction in the heart of the beloved.

This stone removes business clutter, strengthens financial reputation. And soon brings prosperity.

Helps to build better relationships.

If a person is going on a voyage, this stone will make the journey easier.

Hukmai use this stone in indigenous medicine.

It is very useful in jaundice, whooping cough, dental disease.

Topaz stone enhances male potency. And marriage makes life successful.

This stone helps in achieving the ideal.

Creates feelings of compassion in man.

Topaz focuses on exploration and discovery in real life. So that man’s dreams can come true.

Wearing this stone removes grief and anger.

This stone has been found to be useful in all circulatory diseases.

People who are old enough to get married but have not yet got married should wear these stones. Inshallah, they will get married soon.

Topaz should be protected:

To clean this stone, take warm water in a bowl and take a piece of cotton cloth and then rub the stone carefully by applying soap or surf on this cloth and keep doing this process for at least 20 minutes. You can also use a toothbrush instead of a cloth. Then wash the stone thoroughly with clean water and dry the stone with a soft dry cloth. This stone will make you feel as bright as before. Topaz can fade in the hot sun. So protect from the scorching sun as much as possible. Feel each stone separately in a soft cloth so that other hard stones, for example the diamond, do not scratch it.

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