Yaqoot Garnet Gemstone

Yaqoot Garnet Gemstone

Real Yaqoot Garnet Gemstone.

Real Yaqoot Garnet Gemstone for sale



This is the view of the majority when it comes to rubies. That this is a red gem. Or strength is usually found in red. And because of its deep red color it is called garnet. Garnet is derived from the medieval Latin word. Which means deep red is considered. That the noun is derived from the adjective word because of its color and shape. Red garnet has been used for thousands of years. The ancient Egyptians used it for formal and decorative purposes. The ancient Romans used to wear stone rings and trade in this stone. Large deposits of red or energy in Bohemia (Central) in about the sixteenth centuryDiscovered from Europe), which is now the focus of the jewelry industry. Many bohemian garnet mines from the Czech Republic continue to this day. Or strength is found in almost every color. Or the most recent discovery of the Stone Rock is the rare blue ruby ​​that was discovered in the late 1990’s at Mid-Gasker. That group of garnet jewelry. There are more than 20 types. Some of these main types (pyrop, elmondant, spacerite, grossolite, and redite, uvarvite) are used as jewelry.


Garnet is a more complex ortho silicate than olivine (magnesium and iron mineral silicate) in which tetrahedra is still permanent. Garnet mineral is a chemical formula. Containing dilute cat ions and trivalent cat ions. Different types of garnet have different chemical formulas, for example the chemical formula of pyrop. While Grossular has a chemical formula. The hardness of the stone is 6.5 to 7.5 and its density is 3.47 to 4.15.

What colors are found in:

Rubies are found in countless colors. Such as yellow, orange, green, red, purple, blue, brown, peach and pink. However, this stone is most commonly found in red. While very rare in blue, blue rubies are rare. Rubies are also rarely found in color variants. Which stone is a combination of different colors depends on when viewed in bright bulb light or natural light. Blue appears in the light of the rarest or strongest rocks. And purple in the torchlightChanges. Other rubies that look green, beige, brown or gray in daylight. The bright bulbs turn red or purple pink in the light. Or the color of the stone is the most important factor in testing its quality.

Where is the sapphire found:

Garnet is found almost all over the world. Different types of rubies are found in different places. The following is a list of different types of rubies and where they are commonly found. See you soon.

Pyrop: China in Madagascar, Myanmar (Burma), South Africa, Sri Lanka, Tanzania and the United States.

Pyrop Rhoder Light: Brazil, India, Sri Lanka, Thailand and USA.

Elmondite: Brazil, India, Madagascar, Sri Lanka, and the United States also have some reserves in Australia and the Czech Republic. Allende Garnet Star Stones are found in India and the United States.

Spacerite: The best bats are obtained from Namibia in Brazil, China, Kenya, Madagascar, Myanmar, (Burma), Namibia, Sri Lanka, Tanzania and the United States.

Goosewormite (hydrogrossolar): In Myanmar (Burma), South Africa and Zambia.

Grossularite (Hesonite): In Brazil, Canada, Madagascar, India, Tanzania and USA.

Grossularite (Luko Garnet): In Canada, Mexico and Tanzania.

Grossularite (Support): In Kenya and Tanzania.

And Redite (Demide): Russia in China, Korea, USA and Zaire.

And Redite (Millennial): In France, Germany, Italy, and the United States.

& Redite (Topazo Light): Canada, Finland, India, Poland, Russia and the United States.

Who can wear these stones:

The element of this rock is fire and the ruling planet is Mars, so people born in the month of January can wear this rock. Aquarius is a birthstone and a lucky stone for people. The red ruby ​​constellation is also considered Saad for Cancer and Scorpio. Those who are going through the era of Sati can wear these stones and their condition can be improved.

How to identify and buy rubies:

The fastest way to identify real rubies is to use a neodymium magnet. The ruby ​​stone attracts the meridium magnet. Because it contains a large amount of iron or manganese. Real rubies are a bit hard. Rub it with nails or a coin. If the stone is scratched, understand that the stone is imitation. If the real ruby ​​is seen very closely with the eye, the pattern of the rainbow will be seen. These patterns are very clear. Because ruby ​​is the only refractive property of stone. Real ruby ​​if on the palmIt will feel heavy if kept. And it will also feel a little warm. Always buy gemstones from such a reliable professional jeweler. Which puts you on top of real jewelry. Also, always buy precious stones.

Price of ruby ​​stone:

The price of rubies varies depending on the type. Or time stone as it is commonly available. So it is less expensive than other gems. The minimum price of ruby ​​stone is ڈالر 5 carat which has reached 6 6000 in terms of quality, color and type.

Wear Tips:

This stone should be worn in a silver or gold ring before sunrise in the morning. Ning should weigh up to three, five, seven, ninety-eleven. Wearing this stone ring on different fingers can have different results. Wearing it on the thumb will improve your sex life and overall health. If you want to achieve some important goals in your life, you should wear the ring on your index finger. Wearing the middle finger will bring success in your life and you will be financially stable. This stone ring, if worn on the finger of the right hand (ring finger), will enhance your married life.Will help create (Provided both partners wear this stone ring) People who are experiencing an obstacle in their marriage. He put the stone on the other finger of his left hand. If one wants to sharpen one’s communication skills. So he wore this ring on his little finger.

Advantages of ruby ​​stone:

This stone helps to improve work, money and relationships.

This stone promotes self-confidence.

Helps to open up ways to share with others.

Strengthens courage, hope and confidence.

Helps in crisis situations.

Brings light and hope into life.

Increases courage to overcome problems.

Gives strength to the soul and removes sorrow and anxiety.

These stones increase the feelings of friendship and love.

Helps protect against the venom of snakes and other venomous animals.

The needy do not come near the wearer of this stone.

Keeping this stone in the house removes unhappiness and there are no fights.

This stone makes life easier. And solves problems.

People who are more prone to cold should wear this stone.

Bringing it closer to the eyes cures pre-existing eye diseases.

Wearing rubies is very useful in heart disease.

Rubies to be protected:

Rubies are very hard and durable, although their hardness depends on the type. For example, dementide rubies are softer than almondite and pyrop rubies. Therefore, proper care is required for their safety. Ruby Stone should be protected from strong winds. Because it can hurt them. To clean rubies, use only warm soapy water and a soft cloth. Do not wear this stone before engaging in exercise, cleaning or strenuous physical activity, always keep it separate from other jewelry so that no scratches etc., it is better if it is wrapped in a soft cloth.

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