Zamurd Emerald Gemstone

Zamurd Emerald Gemstone


Introduction date:

The word is derived from an old French word and a Latin word. Which means green stone. According to an Indian glove, the stone was first translated into a Sanskrit word meaning increasingly green. This stone has been used for about 6,000 years. In 4000 BC, the people of Babylon, Iraq, used this stone for worship and they also brought this stone for sale in the market. The rock has been mined in Egypt for thousands of yearsAnd most likely, the first discovery of this stone took place in Egypt. Emerald is considered to be the fourth most precious stone after diamond, ruby ​​and sapphire. Emerald is the sacred stone of the planet Mercury which has long been considered a symbol of hope. This is the protection stone of love. This stone is actually found in green color.


Zimmer is one of the most beautiful and precious gems. It is a type of mineral. Due to the small amount of chromium and vanadium present in the emerald, this stone is found in a unique and excellent green color. This rock is one of the hardest rocks. Its hardness is 7.5 to 8. The density of emerald stone is about 2.76%.

Who can wear emeralds:

This stone is the birth stone of people born in the month of May. At the same time, people with Taurus, Cancer and Pisces can also get many benefits by wearing this stone.

Where is the emerald stone found:

This emerald stone, which has the color of clear water of green lake, weighs 171.6 grams. Gram. Discovered in 1967 from a mine in Colombia. This is a very rare stone. The quarry is found in Colombia, Brazil, Afghanistan, and Zambia. This stone is being excavated from the land of Egypt about 1500 BC. And from India and Australia in the fourteenth century, Colombia is currently producing 50 to 95 percent of the world’s emeralds. And Zambia is the second largest country in terms of reserves. In addition, most countries such as Italy, Bulgaria, Canada, China, France, Germany, Somalia and the United States.Stone deposits have been identified. The emerald stone found in the Swat region of Pakistan is considered to be the most transparent stone in the world.

How to identify and buy real emeralds:

Nowadays, imitation emeralds are being made with such excellence that their luster has diminished even real emeralds. Real emeralds are a little harder. Its internal structure is naturally imperfect. So it’s not entirely clear. If you look closely at this stone through the tomb, you will notice random patterns in it, small deep lines. (Especially on the back) or crystals etc. will appear. These characteristics are rarely found in the clearest emeralds. Its edges look great after trimming. While the realUnlike imitation emeralds (which are made of glass or a soft mineral) they are very cheap in price and look very good and clean, the edges do not look so well carved. Another way to identify real emeralds is to send them to a lab where they can be seen through ultraviolet light lamps. If the emeralds do not change color, it is a sign that the stone is real. But this method takes a lot of time. Consult a reliable dealer to buy real emeralds.

Wear Tip:

On Wednesdays or Thursdays, when the sun rises, clean it and put a five or six carat stone (2 carats can be worn but not less) in a gold or silver ring and wear it on the little finger of your right hand. There are many benefits to wearing it with the recipe, if some charity is given before wearing it, it will be a golden thing.

Benefits and Effects of Emerald Stone:

This stone is of great importance for creating passion.

Romantically attracts others to you.

Opens new job and business avenues. And does not allow hardship to come.

This stone builds self-confidence. Especially in young boys and girls.

This stone dominates man’s thoughts and philosophical thoughts.

Accelerates memory. And affects the language.

There is something special about developing mental capacity.

Promotes business as well as legal matters in your favor.

Removes grief and anger and creates freshness in nature.

Controls blood pressure.

This stone is an antidote for body stones.

Eliminates sugar and strengthens the bladder.

This stone protects against magic, disease, shadows and evil eye.

This stone avoids troubles and enhances speech skills.

Giving this stone as a gift on wedding and wedding anniversary makes lasting and true love familiar.

How to protect this stone:

Emerald is a very rare and precious stone. And it is very difficult to get it in its pure state. If you have real emerald stone then you have to take care of its safety and its luster. So clean this stone with hot water, surf, etc. with a small soft brush. And if it’s in your jewelryTake it to your jeweler and have it polished under your supervision and enhance the luster of your jewelry as well as the luster of the emerald stone.

Consideration: According to the Austrologic point of view, if a person wearing an emerald stone loses his chastity, the stone will be torn in two. Or there is a crack in it. The roaring or disappearance of this stone from the olives is always a prelude to great loss. In such a case, often ask for charity and ask for forgiveness.

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