The method of Istikhara love for marriage

Are you in any kind of dilemma regarding your marriage decision? Are you not able to decide whether to marry the relationship that has come for you or not? Do you not want to know what Allah Subhana wa Tala has done for your marriage? If yes then you ask for asan istikhara dua for marriage and insha Allah, very soon the decision of Allah will be in front of you. You will see in your dreams whether the relationship that has come for you is suitable for you or not.

Sometimes a person is in a strange dilemma as he fears for his future. Knowing it is a matter of Zaheer, no one would like to do wrong with themselves. Istikhardua for marriage is a better way for you to make your married life easier. You just follow istikhara dua for marriage out of poor precaution and insha Allah, you will get a hint in your dream whether you should go ahead with the relationship or not.


Istikhara for Love Marriage

Quranic Method to do Easy Istikhara Dua for Marriage

Surely Allah is the master of both worlds and He knows what is better for us. So if we ask our Lord for help, he will help us. Allah says ask is what you asked for. When you do asan istikhara ka Tarika and istikhara dua Quran parhet for marriage then you ask for help from Allah Talah to know your marriage success or failure. So, Insha Allah, Bila Shaka will come to you on that day, you will know the truth of the relationship and you will be able to take the right decision.

Asan Istikhara Method is given in Quran for the Marriage of Istikhara:

  • You need to be clean to do Istikhar.
  • When you sleep at night, you should make two Rakats of Nafilprehe.
  • And in the first Rakat of Nafil, Read Surah Kafiroon, and in the second Rakat Read Surah Ikhlas.
  • Read the dua of Istikhara to read nafil.
  • Then after taking the name of the suspect with whom your marriage is going on and his wife, we should think in the bare of the relationship.
  • If you have more than one relationship then take the names of all and think one by one in bare hands.
  • Then face the Qibla and sleep.
  • Insha Allah, the intention with which you have done istikhar will be seen in your dream.
  • If you do not have any dreams then you can also do Istikhara Dusri Martba.
  • In this way, you can do Istikhara 7 times.
  • If you want to know istikharaki dua then all of you are our molvi. Tell me. He will tell you the correct prayer for it.

Asan Istikhara Karne Ka Tarika Istikhara’s Dua for marriage is the most suitable and best way for you in the Quran to know in your upcoming married life. You try it today

Professor Javeed Hussain Shah is Experienced Rohani Aamil. He is Pofessional Atrologer, Amil, as well a Mahir e ilm ul Ramal. ilm ul jaffer.






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