Al-Jafr is an otherworldly Shia heavenly bookcompiled, as indicated by Shia conviction, by Ali and acquired by him from Muhammad (S.A.W). Al-Jafr is made out of two skin encloses which were kept different books of the past Prophets and the books acquired from Muhammad, Ali and Fatimah to the Ahl al-Bayt, with each new Imam accepting them from his diminishing forerunner Imam, just as the protective layer and weapons of Muhammad.

Al-Jafr was one of the sources and causes of learning gained by the 12 Imams and the 6th Imam of Shia Islam, Imam Ja’far al-Sadiq took pride in having ownership of al-Jafr, that contained the shrouded information of Muhammad. The later Imams were acquainted with allude now and again to the consecrated and mystery book of al-Jafr, which was left in their keeping by Ali and faith in the presence of al-Jafr with the Imams was firm, as indicated by the Shia.

The Imams additionally took in the art of Huruf (letters of the letter set) from al-Jafr and utilized this science to get realities and decisions from al-Jafr.

Al-Jafr was passed on among the Imams and the Shia trust it is as of now in the ownership of the “shrouded” Imam Muhammad al-Mahdi.

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